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Data Center Safety: 900 days without LTI

It is 12:30pm on Tuesday and the weekly Datapod meeting begins with safety report and update from Datapod Environment, Health, Safety and Quality Manager Shontelle Hellyer. The team Managers from around the organisation are focused on her commentary and it is just one example of how Datapod demonstrates their commitment to safety.

This commitment to safety has had a positive impact on the business as the firm celebrates 900 days without a Lost Time Injury (LTI) and is now fast approaching three years without an LTI.

Datapod believes data center knowledge is at the heart of their record on safety and the culture extends to two factory locations as well as their administration offices.

The data center safety record is impressive when you consider the safety record includes the activities of the Datapod deployment teams who are required to travel to various locations around the world to deploy the modular data center systems and can include mining sites, urban utilities and defence locations.

Datapod Director and Chief Architect Scott Carr (pictured right) recently recognised the achievement saying it reflects Datapod’s commitment to safety.

Mr Carr said, ‘We make safety a number one priority in our organisation. Over the years we have built up a considerable amount of data center knowledge and our continuous improvement and development of safety policies and procedures is a reflection of our dedicated staff.”

Safety a benefit of the modular data center approach

The modular nature of the Datapod System means safety can be optimized during factory production. The data center production process allows processes to be streamlined by thorough onsite risk assessments, planning and a reduced time on site during the deployment phase.

“With Datapod’s approach to safety it means customers are guaranteed high levels of safety through their supply chain. We work to international and local Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and we have developed behaviours and a culture in our workforce that has safety at the heart of our work environment,” Mr Carr said.

Datapod Workplace Health, Safety and Environment Manager Shontelle Hellyer is proud of the achievement saying it is a tangible result of Datapod’s commitment to safety and social responsibility.

“We work to international safety standards and this means we are continually innovating and improving our workplace practices. Datapod continues to deliver against these high standards and we are always looking to do things better and safety is just one way we are always looking to continually exceed staff and customer outcomes,” said Ms Hellyer.

Datapod’s safety processes and procedures are independently audited as part of their ISO certifications.

For more information on Datapod’s ISO safety and other certifications.

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