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Defence puts another $12 million into Datapod

The fresh investment comes two years after Datapod won a contract to build four containerised data centres for the department, and four years after it won a $7.4 million defence contract for a single facility. The latest investment from Defence covers 120 modules

Scott Morrison

Datapod Secures a two-year $20m Defence Contract

Australia’s Department of Defence has awarded Datapod a two-year, AU$20 million contract to provide the agency with portable, containerised data systems that can be deployed by sea, air, or road. Under the contract, Datapod will build four scaleable data centres

Multi-year deal sees Datapod deployed globally for resources giant

Datapod recently signed a 5 year deal with a major resources company that will see the Datapod system deployed globally in a variety of climatic regions and a range of sizes and densities – all based on the standardized Datapod

Datapod inks 5 year supply deal with global resources giant

Datapod have been awarded the supply contract for modular data centers by a major resources company with operations throughout Australia as well as Latin America and North America.  With considerable experience in the resources sector Datapod’s proven approach to delivering

Single Module ‘Projectpod’ systems discontinued as customers preference multi-module systems

With customers increasingly opting for the flexibility of a scalable architecture Datapod have decided to withdraw from sale the single module ‘Projectpod’ systems.  Whilst the non-scalable Projectpod’s met a certain niche requirement where a small number of low-density racks was required,

Datapod delivers complete datacenter including all site infrastructure to remote locations by air

Datapod has completed the delivery of a multi-module end-to-end facility including chillers, generators, main boards, fire suppression and a highly configured datahall to a remote, hazardous location by air, using An-124 and C-17a heavy lift aircraft.  Achieving certification for air-transport was a

Datapod Low-Profile PROJECTPOD enables fly-in deployment anywhere in the world

Canberra, January 28, 2016: Modular data center manufacturer Datapod has released a low-profile single module ‘all-in-one’ system that can be flown to it’s deployment site in the ubiquitous ‘Herc’.  The Lockheed Martin C-130J-30 Hercules is the most commonly used logistics transport aircraft in


Designing a data center can be difficult – few people ever get to do this because for most organizations it’s a once in 10 years requirement.   In the past, when every server room, computer room or data center was

Australian modular data centre manufacturer readies for international expansion with Eaton Australia

Sydney, November 9, 2015: Australian modular data centre manufacturer Datapod is gearing up its push into the highly competitive International market after forging a supply agreement with power management company, Eaton Australia. Canberra-headquartered Datapod has secured its first US-based customer

Five more reasons to deploy a modular data center

There are many benefits of a modular data center system and here are five more reasons to deploy a modular data center system. Data Center Colocation Co-locating IT hardware can often be out of the question for IT departments for

Preparing a data center tender: Proximity, power an tier certification

Many organisations are still stuck in the old paradigm when preparing a data center tender, not knowing the industry has moved significantly since the last time they went to tender, and in some cases not knowing what new technologies are

Data center remote access in a modular system

The days of having to walk around the data center floor taking temperature readings and identifying the status of systems are long gone. Instead, with ever-increasing data center size and complexity, data center managers and IT professionals require remote management

Data Center Safety: 900 days without LTI

It is 12:30pm on Tuesday and the weekly Datapod meeting begins with safety report and update from Datapod Environment, Health, Safety and Quality Manager Shontelle Hellyer. The team Managers from around the organisation are focused on her commentary and it

Data Center Right Sizing – The answer to a common data center problem

The enterprise IT landscape has to be able to adapt to changing business needs and whether you need a server room or data center for a new site, a refurbishment or a temporary facility, the challenge is always the same

Server room solutions inside modular and containerized data centers

Datapod has provided server room solutions as part of a containerized ‘data center in a box’ solution or as a fully integrated modular data center system in since 2007. Datapod has taken the traditional server room and the other components

Tier Data Center: Datapod work with organisations to achieve certification

The Datapod modular data center system is designed to enable whichever level of resilience is required by the customer, ensuring mission-critical IT can be configured to be operational at a Tier level appropriate to the business and the mission, even

When lightning strikes: How to reduce data centre downtime

The recent lightning strikes that caused a Google data centre in Belgium to lose data and restore some information highlights the importance to anticipate and manage critical data centre assets. The repeated lightning strikes on the electricity grid that powers

Modular data hall provides turnkey solution

Modular data center solutions are renowned for providing a turnkey data hall solution within a short time frame. As a leading specialist, Datapod’s scope of work includes the supply and installation of a pre-configured data center solution including the detailed design,

Data Center Design: A comprehensive look into modular data center technology

Implementing leading data center design is critical to the future success of organisations around the world. As the world becomes more connected online and ‘internet of things’ technologies increase, so to do the demands on managing and processing data and

Data center design turns conventional thinking on its head

The ability to ‘right-size’, deploy faster, and scalability means the modular approach is turning conventional data center design on its head. The modular data center design also simplifies the process. For example, a Datapod System can be designed using any