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Datapod Releases Data Center 2.0 White Paper

Innovative Australian modular data center manufacturer, Datapod, has released a white paper on data center 2.0 technology.

The white paper, titled Data Center 2.0 – The Perfect Storm Has Arrived, provides an industry insight into the modularization of data center technology and how this advance in technology has achieved industry acceptance, as well as how modular data centers are driving better customer outcomes when compared to tradition bricks and mortar approaches.

The Datapod white paper is based on industry experience and recognised industry data and explains how specific sectors can better leverage from data center 2.0 infrastructure.

The white paper is a follow up to the recent tour of the United States by Datapod Director of Operations Mr Adam Smith and features:

  • Industry snap shot and how the modular approach is forecast to increase market share,
  • Industry specific deployment examples and how data center 2.0 is enabling industry sectors to drive efficiency and productivity,
  • Technology comparisons between ‘snowflake design’ and the Datapod approach,
  • Datapod product insights and how Datapod is enabling CIO’S to meet the challenges needing to do more with less.

Datapod Director of Operations Mr Adam Smith said, “The Datapod white paper is an important milestone for our business and is a catalyst for further industry discussion regarding the modularization of the data center industry.”

“Datapod has developed a successful customer portfolio since we established our business in 2007 and we are keen to share some of our experience and insights so the wider industry, has more data available on the modularization of the industry.

Datapod is keen to take the knowledge we have developed in the government, mining and defence sectors, and extend these to other sectors of the global economy, including IT, education and research, and telecommunications,” Mr Smith added.

To learn more about Datapod and to download your copy of the white paper visit the Datapod resources page.