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Datapod to attend Asia CIO Summit in Hong Kong

Datapod will send an executive team to the Asia CIO Summit to be held in Hong Kong from 24-26 September 2013.

The CIO Summit Asia brings together 65 senior decision makers and business leaders from some of the regions most recognised organisations. The Summit aims to solve key business challenges and includes a workshop session hosted by Datapod.

The workshop will explain the features of modular data center deployments and the benefits the Datapod System can deliver to organisations in a range of sectors including finance, telecommunications, government and the information technology. 

The Summit enables participants to have a collaborative approach in sessions that focus on real life challenges and advances in technology innovation.

Datapod Director of Operations Adam Smith suggests interest in the Datapod System is increasing significantly because of a shorter time to deployment and operation, a reduction in costs and the ability for the modular data center infrastructure to be factory acceptance tested before shipping and onsite assembly.

Mr Smith said, “The Datapod System is providing CIO’s from organisations around the world with unprecedented flexibility and cost savings and this is driving a sharp increase in awareness across the data center industry. The modular nature and quality of the Datapod System means CIO’s are no longer anchored to old bricks and mortar technology. In fact modular data center infrastructure enables organisation to ‘lift anchor’ by significantly derisking data center expenditure. 

We have a fundamental belief at Datapod that the data centers of the future are machines and not buildings. By using our technology companies are able to better exploit ongoing advances in technology by reconfiguring modular data centers, in real time, as changes occur, which is a better use of resources and enables technology to drive business, instead of holding business back,” Mr Smith added.

For more information about the CIO Summit in Hong Kong or to book a meeting with a Datapod representative visit