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DC2 Datapod System heads to Europe

CANBERRA, Australia: Innovative data center manufacturer Datapod announced today it has begun deploying their first export to Sweden.

Datapod began the manufacture of the Data Center 2.0 (DC2) modular data center technology two months ago and with final Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) completed one week ago, the modular data center was deconstructed and readied for export this week.

This is the first export to Sweden for Datapod and if commercial projections are correct this will be the tip of the Iceberg for the innovative company.

Datapod Managing Director Scott Carr said, “This is a wonderful result for our business and is the first step into the European market. We are global market leaders in DC2 technology and we have gained significant industry acceptance over the last two years and this will translate into significant growth for our business over the short to medium period.”

The contract win comes on top of recent deployments by Datapod for PNG ports and a number of global mining companies.

(Pictured: Datapod Directors Adam Smith (left) and Scott Carr)

Datapod Director Adam Smith said, “The export to Sweden is recognition that Datapod has developed a truly global data center solution that is more economical and quicker to deploy when compared to traditional bricks and mortar.  The flexible, scalable and sustainable approach we take to data center manufacturing provides numerous benefits for our customers, including reduced carbon emissions, and lower CAPEX and OPEX.”

The manufactured modular approach enables the Datapod to Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) the data center before deployment.

“FAT provides customers with the knowledge their data center will be enterprise grade and fully operational from day one of deployment. This approach de-risks data center investment for our customers and provides major advantages,” Mr Smith added.

The contract announcement coincides with Datapod factory tours for some of Asia-Pacific’s largest organisations and industry bodies.

Media are invited onsite to, view another Datapod System ready for shipping, and to interview Datapod Director Adam Smith at 9.30am Monday 13 May 2013 at the 84 Shepherd Street Hume ACT.


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