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Modular Data Centre Manufacturer Open for Factory Tours

International delegations and some of Australia’s largest organisations are being amazed by the factory inspections offered by modular data centre manufacturer Datapod.

Datapod’s manufactured modular data centre designs means  CIO’s can ‘right-size’ their data centre needs in real time enabling organisations to better adapt to the rapid advances in the data centre industry and avoid being trapped by old and out dated technologies.

The revolutionary Datapod approach has caught the eye of leading organisations from around Australia and the world and in recent weeks Datapod opened their doors to their Hume factory in Canberra, Australia to allow CIO’s a behind the scenes look at the cutting edge system.

The factory visits allow customers to see how this technology can reduce environmental impacts as well as significantly reduce operational costs when compared to traditional data centre design.

Datapod Director Adam Smith said, “This is the first time we have opened our site and encouraged CIO’s to come and inspect our test facilities and the initiative has been warmly embraced. Representatives from government and industry are keen to see how we have engineered the Datapod System for optimum energy efficiency and how the award-winning design enables the system to be mass manufactured, factory tested and deployed within three months.”

“We are literally having clients leaving our facilities wide-eyed with amazement. Once customers see how easily the  Datapod modules can be combined and reconfigured over time to create more efficient, flexible and robust data centre facilities or data parks, that is when the penny drops so to speak,” added Mr Smith.