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New levels of data center efficiency and sustainability

Technology now touches every corner of our lives. Whether you are a business with millions of customers around the globe or a person using a device to access online applications you are directly or indirectly relying on data center infrastructure to make interactions online.

This reliance comes at a cost and the cost is not only financial. There is increasingly an environmental cost and that is where Datapod is revolutionizing the way data center infrastructure is designed and deployed.

So what makes a Datapod data center so sustainable?

It begins with Datapod’s zero consumption of water. A traditional 15-megawatt data centre can use up to 1.3 megalitres of water per day, while Datapod can manufacture an enterprise grade data centre that has zero water consumption.

The Datapod System’s design can be configured for optimum energy efficiency.

This includes Infrastructure modules that can be deployed as required and at the right size to ensure optimum operating performance.  This also includes water side economizers combined with patented technology for recuperation of waste heat from servers to significantly reduce power consumption in the chiller system. 

Add to this close-coupled cooling which delivers cooling precisely to where it is needed and an air containment system which further increases the efficiency of Datapod’s heat exchangers and you have an  energy efficiency solution that can be factory tested before deployment.

As mentioned in the Datapod White Paper, the modular solution also uses recycled steel.  The use of recycled steel enclosures makes better use of natural resources and has less embodied energy compared to concrete buildings.  

Better still, Datapod’s efficient design and manufacturing techniques optimise the amount of materials and other resources that are consumed in construction without substituting quality.

The Datapod System is also relocatable and adaptable to changing requirements so it is easily repurposed rather than requiring demolition like ‘old fashioned’ brick and mortar infrastructure.

The sustainability of the Datapod System enables CIO’S and other IT professionals to take the lead in the boardroom and executive suite and drive an organisation’s sustainability strategy to what is being termed as a Net Zero Efficiency.

For more about Datapod and the system’s efficiency and sustainability pre-register for the Datapod Data Center Efficiency and Sustainability White Paper.