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Safety first for leading modular data center company

Modular data center company, Datapod, has racked up 600 days without a lost time injury (LTI) and continues a path of dedication to safety.

The 600 days without an LTI covers the two manufacturing operations in Australia, as well as the locations to which the Datapod team deploy the leading edge modular data center infrastructure, including remote and urban locations around the world.

The result is even more impressive when you consider Datapod operates in a factory environment and deploys modular data centers to some of remotest and dangerous working environments, including mine sites and other sensitive locations.

Datapod Managing Director Scott Carr recently recognised the achievement with staff associated in the manufacturing, deployment and through-life servicing of Datapod Systems in the field.

“This outstanding achievement reflects the commitment, the behaviours and culture of a workforce, that has safety at the heart of their work environment,” Mr Carr said.

The standardisation of the Datapod data center system also means Datapod takes significantly less time on site, further reducing the risk of workplace accidents.

“Datapod’s safety record means customers can guarantee high levels of certified safety standards through their data center supply chain.The modular nature of the Datapod System means processes can be streamlined and made safer on a continuing basis.  This gives Datapod and our customers a massive advantage.” said Mr Carr. 

Datapod Occupational, Health, Safety and Environment Manager Shontelle Hellyer believes this result raises the safety standard at Datapod to new levels and cements Datapod’s commitment to social responsibility.

“Datapod continues to deliver against increasing safety expectations. We are continually innovating and improving our workplace practices. For Datapod it is about continually meeting and then exceeding staff and customer outcomes,” said Ms Hellyer.

Datapod’s internal management systems and processes have continually matured since the company was established and continues to be an ISO certified trusted leader in safety in the modular industry.