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See how easily the Datapod modular data center system is assembled

Datapod has recently assembled their first Datapod System in Sweden. 

This blog post contains a collection of images which illustrate just how easily the Datapod System is assembled onsite.

This deployment also highlights the flexible nature of the Datapod System with this deployment housed inside a pre-existing building.

Special thanks: The images featured in this blog post are used courtesy of Saab AB and are copyright Saab AB.

Image one 

The Saab Datapod System was deployed to an existing building site and highlights the flexible nature of the Datapod System.

The rugged exterior design of the modular Datapod System means Datapods can be deployed indoors or outside. #flexibledatacenter 

Image two, three and four – Getting the modular data center to site

Shipped, trucked and lifted into place and to any location. Each Datapod System is manufactured under ISO9001 quality guidelines and means individual Datapods are easily shipped and transported to any location around the world. #modulardatacenter #easilytransported

Datapod image five – First Datapod in place 

Each Datapod System starts with, you guessed it, a Starterpod.

The Starterpod contains the power, cooling and data input connections. Within the Starterpod the expandable modular UPS gives customers the starting point for growing the system.

Built-in Inrow cooling and racks mean the data center can be up and running without any further upfront investment.

When two Starterpods are used in a Datapod System a 2(N+1) system is created providing the highest levels of availability and redundancy.


Image six – Expanderpod clips into place.

Pre-built Expanderpods contain racks, power and cooling. The Expanderpod easily connects onto other ‘pods’ to grow the system.

With removable side-walls to allow the creation of a limitless best-of-breed computer room, the Datapod System can be expanded as required by your IT needs – aligning budgets with requirements in real-time. #bestcomputerroom

Image seven

Four Expanderpods and the Starterpod in place creating an a class leading data center system.

Image eight – The complete Datapod System deployed. 

Note the Connection Node in the left back ground. The preassembled link system enables rapid deployment and this is where all the power, data communications and cooling connect into the modular Datapod data center system. In the foreground, this Datapod configuration features and Entrypod and will be used as an administration office area.

The Datapod System uses an innovative system of conduits and wiring techniques that enable each Datapod to be to be fully integrated.

Image nine – The assembly team!
Less time on site, means less commercial risk.

And because Datapod conduct Factory Acceptance Tested (FAT) before the deployment of a Datapod System the customer has a peace of mind knowing their data center investment will be fully operational once the system is deployed to site, further reducing the risk to Datapod customers.