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What the Experts Say: Modular Data Centers

Modular data center technology is rapidly changing the face of the data center industry. Here are a some insights from Datapod customers and industry experts.

  • “We congratulate and honour Datapod for their innovations and pioneering impact to the data centre industry both internationally and within Federal Government. The Datapod offering should serve as exemplary to the Commonwealth -as the future of Data Centres that are designed, built and operated in Australia for Australians. Federal Government Departments and Agencies are encouraged to contact Datapod for information.”
    Mr Don Easter – Dept of Innovation (Australia)
  • “DataPod the complete solution modular data centre manufacturer Madam Speaker, I can assure you that touring the facility at Fyshwick where these data centres are pieced together is quite an experience.”
    Deputy Chief Minister of the ACT Andrew Barr (Exerpt from the Minister’s annual Growth, Jobs and Diversification speech)
  • “We had a requirement come into the office to deliver a data centre. We needed something that we could drop on the ground and get things running. On a mine site you have to deal with a hazard environment and even though it has a hazard environment we still had to deliver an enterprise grade data centre. The Datapod really delivers on both those aspects. Just to have something as flexible as Datapod System is definitely the way forward.”
    Garon Johnstone, Mount Isa Mines
  • “The judges were impressed by Datapod’s well organised components and sturdy construction for ease of deployment and maintenance.”
    Stephanie Pemberton, Director The Australian International Design Awards
  • Research from DCD Intelligence, a division of DatacenterDynamics, has found that modular data centers may cost as much as 14 per cent less to deploy than traditional ‘bricks and mortars’ data centers, further indicating that the industry could be wasting much-needed capital on data center deployment.
  • According to Gartner Vice President David Cappuccio,”by 2016, 60% of new data centers will be smaller while supporting a 300% increased workload.” In an interview with David Cappuccio by renowned data center industry writer Rich Miller on 10 December 2010, David said “You’ll be hearing a lot about modular designs from vendors, and from Gartner … the modular design approach just makes sense.”
  • “A recent article by Alex De Angelis from the website Companies and Markets indicates the modular data center market has been forecast to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of approximately 37.41% over the next five years, increasing from a valuation of $8.25 billion at the start of 2013, to hit a market value of $40.41 billion by 2018.
  • According to the Datacenter Dynamics 2012 Global Census, there has been a 63% growth in global data center power requirements causing most companies to prioritise the more efficient management of power and cooling costs. About 40% of IT executives surveyed say that their organisations have taken steps toward making their data centers greener, and another 40% surveyed say they would like to go in this direction.
  • “Digital technologies provide a platform to achieve results, but only if CIOs adopt new roles and behaviours to find digital value,”
    Mark McDonald, group Vice President and Gartner Fellow